What Is In A Sex Toy Store

Physical Sex Toy Store

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In a Sex Toy Store you will be able find a large range of products includingsex toys, lingerie, costumes, bondage gear, fetish wear, lubricants, products for better sex, novelties, games and adult movies. When visiting or viewing a Sex Toy Store you will find there is a lot to learn and it is an exciting place to visit!


Adult Lifestyle Brands

At a Sex Toy Store you will be able to find a wide selection of adult lifestyle brands like We-Vibe, LELO, Fun Factory, L’Amourose, Pipedream Products and California Exotics. You will also be able to find brands who dedicate their products to the kink and fetish market like Hell’s Couture and BDSTYLE who sell cock rings, chastity devices, steel sex toys and more. Since there are so many brands to choose from you will be able to find something which will suit your interests, needs and desires.


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Sex Toy Materials

At a Sex Toy Store you will be able to find sex toys made from a selection of materials. Since the adult industry is such a competitive market you are able to find high quality products at affordable prices which means it is a good idea to learn about what materials are best to use before purchasing a product. Below is a list of sex toy materials available:

Pure Silicone:

Pure silicone is considered body safe, phthalate free, unscented and considered hypoallergenic, it is one of the most commonly trusted sex toy materials that is available. The silicone is often soft, has a luxurious feel and is easily cleaned with soapy warm water or a sex toy cleaner.

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR): 

TPR is a silicone and elastic mix which isa material that’s phthalate free but is not hypoallergenic.

Thermoplastic Elastomater (TPE):

TPE is a silicone mix that is phthalate free and hypoallergenic.


CyberSkin is a material made from a mix of silicone and elasticthat is often used to create a realistic feeling and looking sex toy like a men’s masturbator or dildo. CyberSkin is porous so it needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every use. After it is cleaned, it is recommended to use renewing powder which brings it back to feeling soft and realistic. Sometimes products which are considered to be Cyber Skin are not phthalate free so you will have to check the packaging before you choose your sex toy.


Elastic can be made from different mixes which means you will need to check each sex toy made from Elastic.


Sex toys which use latex often have a coating of it on the outside and the interior is often made up of a different material like foam.

Rubber & Jelly:  

Sex toys which are made from rubber or jelly material are often toxic to the body due to the chemicals which are used to make them supple, soft and clear. Rubber and jelly sex toys are affordable to make. It is not recommended to buy rubber or jelly that is made with phthalates.


Glass is a non-porous material as there are no grooves or ridges for bacteria to stay. Glass sex toys can last a life time if it they are taken care of properly. They also have the added benefit where it can adapt to temperature, simply place the glass sex toy in warm or cold water for around 15 minutes before use. You may also find that the sex toy will naturally adapt to your body temperature during us.


Plastic is often used in sex toys to create ergonomic grips, remote controllers and battery compartments. It is a highly affordable material which protects the electronic area. It is also common to find sex toys made from plastic.

Surgical Steel:

Surgical Steel does not rust and is shiny in appearance. It isa non-porous material like glass which means it can easily be cleaned after use. It can also adapt to temperature by placing the sex toy in warm or cold water before use.


Types Of Vibrating Sex Toys

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Sex Toy Types

Sex Toy Store’s offer a wide range of product types which include:

Anal Sex Toys:

Anal Sex Toys include prostate massager, anal beads and anal probes. They are used to stimulate the p-spot which is considered the man’s version of the g-spot. Anal Sex Toys have a base which prevents the product from naturally being sucked up the anus.

Cock Rings:

A Cock Ring is a sex toy that is placed around the base of the penis when it is erect. They are used to help keep the blood flow within the penis which creates a stronger erection that will last longer.


Dildos are available in phallic or non-phallic shapes and are often used for vaginal or anal penetration. There are dildos that are harness or strap-on compatible, this product is for someone who wishes to use it on a lover.

Love Eggs and Jiggle Balls:

Kegel Balls and Ben Wa Balls are used by women to perform pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercisers. They are often made with weighted balls that naturally roll around inside when they are worn throughout the day which make the pelvic floor tighten by itself. There are also vibrating Love Eggs and Jiggle Balls that are inserted into the vagina for personal pleasure. 

Luxury Sex Toys:

There are many luxury sex toy brands that include Je Joue, Jimmyjane, Kiiro, Doxy, Mystery vibe and more.  Luxury sex toys are made with high quality products, are often rechargeable and normally come with warranty.

Mens Sex Toys:

Men have a large variety of sex toys that include masturbators that are disposable or long lasting, male chastity devices made from body safe materials, penis pumps which enlarge the size of your genitals, penis sleeves that are worn to extend the length and width of your shaft, urethral sex toys that help you orgasm from the inside out, love dolls for men who want a more realistic sexual experience and ball toys for extra stimulation.


There are different types of Vibrators which include rabbit vibrator that provide dual stimulation to the clitoris and g-spot, G-Spot Vibrator that are made for pinpoint stimulation, straight vibrators made with varying lengths and bullet vibrators which are used to externally stimulate the clitoris.

Sex Toy Kits:

Sex Toy Kits are made for people who would like to find a gift for an important person in their life, they are a good idea to buy for a beginner who would like a range of products that they can use to develop their sexual skill set or for someone who would like to treat themselves just because they can. 

Couples Sex Toys:

Couples Sex Toys often include hands-free vibrators that can be worn during sex. The two main types of couple’s sex toys includes a wearable vibrator that is inserted into the vagina or a vibrator which is worn around an erect penis for pegging.

Virtual Reality Sex Toys:

Virtual Reality Sex Toys let you immerse yourself in a porn video or a fantasy world which makes you feel like you are actually there. Sometimes the virtual reality device lets you interact with the events that happen on the screen as the sex toy responds with pleasurable sensations.

Women Only Sex Toys:

Women Only Sex Toys include products which stimulate the nipples, breasts and vagina like pussy pumps and nipple clips.

Battery Powered Sex Toys:

Battery operated sex toys are often louder than rechargeable products as the batteries rattle around with the vibrations during use. If they are not waterproof or the battery compartment is not completely sealed off and water leaks into the sex toy it may become unusable. For this reason, it is recommended that the batteries are taken out after each use.

Rechargeable Sex Toys:

Rechargeable Sex Toys are often quieter than Battery Powered Sex Toys. They may also have warning lights to let you know when it needs to be recharged and have longer running times so when it is being used you are not interrupted.


Other Product’s Found At A Sex Toy Store Include:
  • Bondage and fetish wear like blindfolds, masks, gags, chasity devices, electro stimulation, medical play, sex swings, spankers, ticklers and more!
  • Lingerie, costumes, hosiery, leg wear and accessories to let you dress up for someone special or a special occasion.
  • Lubricant, condoms, douches, enemas, toy cleaners and products known to help the sexual response cycle.
  • Novelties and games for bachelorette and bucks parties or for spicing up a relationship.
  • Adult Movies which can help you learn sexual skills or can be used for personal entertainment.